7 Wedding Cost Cutters from Black Bridal Bliss

7 Wedding Cost Cutters from Black Bridal Bliss - BUDGETCROPSave more than $15,000 on your big day with these easy tips.

1 – Nix bridal party – Bouquets, boutonnieres and thank-you gifts can cost a couple thousands when including bridesmaids, flowers girls, ring bearers, groomsmen, etc. in their nuptials. Don’t fret about missing sentimental moments — your true blue amigos will still support you whether they’re officially labeled a “bridesmaid” or not. Bonus: Your friends might actually be relieved.

2 – Skip engagement session – Yes, they’re fun and give you a chance to dress up during an exciting photo shoot. But chances are you already have dozens of cute pics together. There’s not just the photographer’s fee but also hair, make-up and possibly new clothing purchases.

3 – Serve only cocktails during cocktail hour – That’s right; eliminate serving of a massive amount of appetizers for the sixty minutes between your ceremony and reception. Guests may not even notice.

4 – Bypass the Bentley – …Or the Rolls Royce. Or stretch limos. If your ceremony and reception take place in same venue (which is another cost-saver), the need for fancy transportation lessens anyway. A simple yet sleek black SUV or luxury car rental will do the trick and cause a lot less damage to your bank account.

5 – Forgo programs, favors and save the dates Lose ’em all. Many guests don’t actually read their programs. Favors can be a nice touch, especially if they’re practical, but often guests don’t remember to take them home. Consider a digital save the date instead of the traditional snail mail variety.

6 – Sip specialty cocktails Limit guests to one or two specialty cocktails instead of having a full top-shelf open bar. Not only will you get more bang for your bridal buck, the creative drink names become conversation starters.

7 – Get married when most aren’t Marrying off-season is a great way to save since 70% of weddings take place between May and October. Another huge cost-cutter is jumping the broom any day other than Saturday. Friday and Sunday nuptials have become more common and mid-week weddings are catching up in popularity.

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